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Hi, my name is Michaela Semeráková.


My husband David, our children Misha and David, me and our pack live in small village Ratboř not so far from town Kolín .... if you can not find it on map, it is the middle of Czech republic about 50 kms on south-east from Prague. You do not know, where is Czech republic? It is a European unit member in the middle of Europe.

We are breeding siberians since 1989 and so we are the one of the oldiest kennels of northern breeds in Czech republic. We are not so big kennel, we prefer personal access to every dog. We want use varied but high quality and standart dogs in our breeding. I was thinking long time about continuation of our breeding. I was satisfied with our offsprings, but I wanted more. So we decided to buy adult male from the one of the best kennels in the world – from Oumiak´s kennel in France. So our pack got new member: Oumiak´s The Show Must Go On aka Nanook. He improved our siberians in type. All his offsprings have his very nice character. So when somebody has enough, wants more. So in the start of 2007 we obtained male directly from USA: Kristari´s Chinook at Jednicka. He is very handsome boy and we hope he influences our breeding positivly.

Dogs are our hobby, any job. We have own trade firm with furniture and so we do not need ear one´s living through breeding. We plan puppies a long time ahead. Our dogs are available for stud for peak females only. We breed siberians for pleasure and we have all day contact with them. Every small success is a part of happy breed mosaic. Every failure means motivation for us and we are thinking about reasons of this failure. Why we are named JEDNIČKA? We ask for FCI kennel name in 1990 year. We have not communist government, but people in kynologian unit were thinking as in that old times. We ask for kennel name AiKyAn (Aili+Kyru+Anja), but they thought that is foreign name and so we have to change our name to Jednička. Jednička in Czech language means: be on the top . We do not think we are the best, but we are decided to do everything for it. The priority for us are health and quality exterier. Our dogs eat super premium foods. Everyday cleaning-up and care are the tax for happiness that we can spend with our pack. Our dogs and offsprings represent us successfully on great international and specialty dog shows in the all world. Shows mean posibility for us to meet our friends and change experiences and informations about our crazy hobby.

Our breed motto:

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It is impossible to pay love and honesty. It is invisible investment to future and it is impossible to make up them for anything …. but every success gives them back with all interest.


Siberian husky Lycoria kennel
Siberian husky Vinyamar´s
Siberian husky Kristari´s
Siberian husky Oumiak´s
Siberian husky Vendredi 13
Siberian husky Sadeckie Pieszczochy
Siberian husky Bukharin´s
Siberian husky Hulduheim´s
Siberian husky Siwash Legend

Samoyed kennel Orleansnow
Alaskan malamute Shamanrock
Alaskan malamute Vlci severu
Miniature schnauzer White Wajda
Landseer Alvemia
Cane Corso Peet, our photographer
Teckels, our handlers
Soft coated wheaten terrier, our handler

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