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We devote siberian husky since 1989.
Because we have puppies very occasionally, we also offer puppies after our dogs and litters for the serious.
All dogs are used for sport on hobby level. We consider the shows as a presentation of the breed.Each puppy is chipped, has a passport, is min. 3x dewormed, vaccinated, treated against external parasites.
Each puppy receives a bag of feed, to change the puppy was not too big, and his lair. Of course there is a purchase contract with a guarantee of quality. Condition of the sale is not participating in shows or races, but a loving environment where the dog will live. All our puppies are well socialized and are raised at home in the garden, in a family environment with human contact, contact with children and other dogs.
All puppies are accustomed to the superpremium quality feed and normal mode (games, grooming, walking, feeding, sleeping).
All of our dogs and dogs, which covers must be inspected and free from hip dysplasia and eye diseases (all of our dogs have genetic testing and optional).
Each new owner receives brief information about the breed, puppy and his siblings, parents and PURCHASE AGREEMENT, incl. breeding service.
If you are most interested in blue eyed puppy only or puppy without pedigree, please, don´t contact us!
More informations available per email or personal contact.
Thank you for your understanding.

October 29th 2014 were born puppies from this connection:
dam: Multich. Queen Barbie Jednička, canistherapy dog
sir: GrandCh. Aram Valacirca, used as race dog
For more informations don´t hasitate to contact us on or call 00420777790656

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