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Queen Ankie Jednička (Kyruna)PEDIGREE

Kyru was very quiet and nice girl. She was strongly fixed to the people. She became pretty rascal in the pack. Though strictly not like exhibitions, as well as won many titles. We are really Kyra missing. I will never forget her. Kyra tragically died under the wheels of a passing car.

* 28. 10. 2007 + 11. 01. 2012

Eyes: PRA and cataracta free
Eyes: XL-PRA geneticaly checked free
Height: 53,5 cm

Czech Junior Champion
Czech Club Junior Champion
Czech Junior specialty winner
Czech Champion, Czech Club winner
Slovakian Junior specialty winner
Slovakian Club Junior Champion
Slovakian Champion, Regional winner
2x BOB, res. BIS female
3° BIS puppy
3° BIG

Akon Deborah Eiwy (Akim, Trubka)PEDIGREE

This is the dog full of paradoxes. I gained him nearly half-year old. He used to stay in a flat but with his claustrophobia he could not stay there alone. I tried to keep him in a cot but he nearly destroyed it. When left freely in the garden he fled out and run across the village. We solved the problem by a stake-out. He's acquired the basic obedience training. When he gets the sit and stay command and you're leaving him, he looks so sad that you feel sorry about leaving him. That's how he gained his nickname. Akim has a bit complicated temper. He wants to be a dominant one but usually he gets a threshing and runs away. Exactly this case happened when he ventured a bigger malamute during the dog show. He lost a part of his ear during this fight. Akim loves dog shows even if he is not a proper show dog. Unfortunately, he absented, like George, many shows because of our family problems. He is a very good in sled pulling, clever and docile. Maybe that is the reason for his clear movement admired by nearly all referees. If I should choose the dog that makes me troubles, I would say that it is Akim. Though, I love him.

* 29. 6. 1996
+ 13.11.2007
DKK: 0/0
Tituly k 10.9.2006:
Czech Veteran Champion
Slovakian Veteran Champion
German Veteran Champion
3x res. CAC CZ
3x Vet. VDCH
1x Národní vítěz (National Winner)
3x BISS veteran
1x r. BISS veteran
35x The best veteran

George Jednička PEDIGREE

George was a sweetheart. He would do anything to please me. I can't get where he got his temper; his mother was crazy and his father was a choleric. He got the role in the TV series called "O zvířatech a lidech" as a little puppy. He worked well in front of the sled. He could win lots of trophies but we had some family problems and so we absented in many dog shows. Even though, he became one of the most successful and known Czech dogs. He gained a Champion of Lithuania and his carrier ended with the title of finest veteran dog in dog show Intercanis Brno in 2003. Three month later he died in my arms of poisoning. I thing he stays undervalued in the Czech Republic.

* 23. 8. 1993
+ 4. 9. 2003
DKK: 0/1
3x res. CAC CZ
3x CWC
1x res. CACIB
1x BOB
1x Vítěz Litvy (Winner of Lithuania)
1x Vítěz Vilniusu (Winner of Vilnius)
1x Vítěz Opole (Winner of Opole)
1x Nejlepší veterán (The best veteran)
1x BIS veterán

Fairbanks z Lodice (Banky, Bakys)PEDIGREE

Banky has been my Christmas Present. He's been a "choleric" dog since his young years. He was able to fight for such a pettiness like that some dog left the cot before him. He can't stand anybody being ahead of him, which was a marvelous thing in pulling. He used to take a front position beside the leader Kuryna. Banky has lost his teeth because of his frequent fighting but even with this handicap he gained CACIB! When he was six he bit the kennel so badly that it took three-hour surgery to cure it up. He lives by my friend who I gave him to.

Fairbanks is father of H litters Polární Expres.
Banky sired Fall Rivera, Fleming, George and others.

* 18. 10. 1991
+ 10.10.2002
DKK: 0/1
2x CWC
2x res. CACIB

Barbie Jednička (Bára)PEDIGREE

Bára had a real bad luck. In her 4 month she was shot in her eye and lost it. Since that time she started to be a dominant and when she was one year old, she became a leader of the kennel. Her fights with Banky took place very often. Despite her temperament, she liked people and worked hard when pulling the sled. She died after the long time illness for front leg carcinoma in her age of 10,5.

Bára gave birth to Julie.

* 14. 3. 1991
+ 19.10. 2001
DKK: 0/0
Výborná III. na NV (Ex. 3 on National Dog Show)

Alice Jednička (Beruška)PEDIGREE

Alice has been a show-dog since she was born. She behaves like a real Lady during the dog show. Unfortunately she behaved like a Lady even in sledding. But when she felt that she must pull, she did it quite well. She won the title Champion of the Czech Republic and Poland and became the winner of ranking (the most successful dog in dog shows). So far, she is our most successful dog, considering the dog shows. She gained her last CACIB in her 11!!! Alice is very foxy and sly. She used to fight regularly but always scuttled from the fight, so that we thought she is a victim. But we were wrong. Now, in her 14 she is still a Lady.

Alice gave birth to a successful dog Icy Boy (Poland).

* 13. 3. 1991
+ 23. 2. 2006
DKK: 0/0
Vítězka rankingu 1993
Český šampion (Czech Champion)
Polský šampion (Polish Champion)
Národní vítěz (National winner)
Středoevropský vítěz (Middleeuropean winner)
3x res. CAC CZ
3x CWC
2x BOB
Vítěz Brna (Winner of Brno)
Vítěz Opole (Winner of Opole)
Vítěz Warszawy (Winner of Warszawa)
3x Nejlepší veterán (The Best veteran)

Anja Ohaso (Anička)PEDIGREE

I have never seen such a crazy dog. She was the sun of our kennel - that's why we called her "Aničko, Sluníčko…" She joyfully barked at anything that moved. She could make anybody to laugh. When she was three and half months old, she snatched her first hen. She was so foxy that when hitched she ran with a stretched line but seldom really pulled the sled. In the beginning of June 2004, she had a carcinoma of lacteal gland. In spite of her age, she underwent the surgery. She died for heart stroke caused by stimulative medicament. Due to her "craziness" it was pretty hard to participate in some show with her. But, when she got older and calmed down, we tried it. Believe me or not, when we were in Mladá Boleslav, September 2002, one referee thought she was a puppy! To sum it up, it is important to be happy, but I really miss her. She gave birth to Barbie and George.

Anička gave birth to Barbie and George.

* 22. 7. 1989
+ 29. 6. 2004
Výborná III. na NV (Ex. 3 on Nat. Show)
5x Nejlepší veterán (The best veteran)
3x BIS veterán v průběhu 1 roku (dutiny a year)

Ankie Tej-lor (Kyruna)PEDIGREE

Kyrunka was a sweetheart. She used to pull a sled regularly till her 10 and sporadically till 12. Her position was a leader. She was extremely smart - she was able to regroup the spread pack and bring them home. She also was very sensitive and able to cheer me up. In the age of four she had her last litter and then was castrated. Since her veterinarian had mistreated her for kidney illness, she had to stay on diet for the rest of her live. She went nearly blind before her five and that was why she did not participate the shows. She passed away in the blessed age of 16. I will always remember her; she was the dog that you come across only few times during your life. She gave birth to a very successful Fall Rivera and Flemingo.

Ankie gave birth to a very successful Fall Rivera and Fleming.

* 20. 3. 1989
+ 6. 5. 2005
DKK: 0/0
Výborná II. na NV (Ex.2 on Nat. Show)
2x Nejlepší veterán (The best veteran)

Aili Tej-lor (Ajka)PEDIGREE

Ailinka was our first dam. She was very pretty at that time and won even several shows. She managed to be the 6th place in the international show in Brno. She was a real honey pet. She did never fight other dogs. Unfortunately she was afraid of sledding ant this was a reason for her being sold in 1992.

Ajka is mother of very successful female Alice Jednička.

+ 19.3.2004
DKK: 0/0
vždy výborná (Ever Excellent)
Oblastní vítěz (Regional winner)
Výborná VI. na světové výstavě 1990 (Ex. 6 on World Dog Show 1990)

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