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CHAMPION OF CHAMPIONS Prague 25th January 2014 CIB Naty Jednicka 3rd place in Group°5

TBD Kirschis was in quarterfinal ... lose in KO system with wonderful shiba. I think it´s not bad at first participation in the Champion of Champions Beloved NATY (on the pic) lose in semifinal with pomeranian but win 3°place over Shiba, who defeated our TBD Kirschis It is amazing comeback for Naty (8yo soon) who had undergone major surgery of spleen and after a two-year break, she returned to the ring in great style. Big thanks to Petr Žák for Natys handling.

Nanook (Oumiak´s The Show Must Go On) was awarded as TOP DOG °5 veteran over all breeds in season 2013 however participated only on half of all shows. Together with Petr Žák were on the 1°st place in Juniorhandling (younger group) and totaly 2°nd from the both groups.

5th January 2014 - National show Brno, Judge Mrs. Lenka Frnčová:
male intermediate: Singing Treasure Jednička - Excellent°1, CAC and National winner
male open: Aram Valacirca - Excellent°1, CAC and fulfilled conditions for titul Czech champion
male veteran: Oumiak´s The Show Must Go On - Excellent°1 and Best veteran
female young: Terry Jednička - Excellent°2, the youngest from the 4 girls in her class
female intermediete: Sweet Face Jednička - Excellent°2 and res. CAC
female winner: Vinyamar´s Innocence - Excellent°1, CAC and fulfilled conditions for titul Czech champion
Daughter Misha with Naty got on her first participation in Juniorhandling 59 points out of 60.
Oumiak´s The Show Must Go On was the second Most beautiful Veteran in finals

Summary for 2013:

After 3 yeas break was born litter T (MultiCh. Queen Barbie Jednička a CIB MultiCh. Kristari´s Chinook at Jednicka): boys Tobi, Togo, Train to Texas and Try to dance Tango and girls Tababela, Terry and Tessie
We absolved 2 dogtreks - Krušnohorský and Fryštácký dogtrek
Chinook became 3x the father of - with Queen Barbie Jednička, Bay of Dreams Sadeckie Pieszochy and Gwendolyn Vendredi 13
Aram became father with Silver Mishka Forjana and Queen Betty Jednička

Show highlights:

Oumiaks The Show Must Go On
represented with Petr Žák Czech republic in Juniorhandling on World dog show in Budapest
BIS veteran on Club show in Slovakia
BOB, BIS veteran and BIS on Club show in Germany
BOB, BIS veteran and res. BIS on Club show in Germany
BOB on National show in Klatovy (Czech republic)
BOB on International show in Leipzig (Germany)
German veteran champion (pending)
German veteran winner
Leipzig winner
European veteran champion, Best veteran in breed and Best In Show veteran on Eurodogshow in Geneva 2013

Vinyamar´s Innocence
Club winner - best female on Club show (Czech republic)
Club Juniorchampion (Czech republic)
Czech Junior champion
San Marina champion
Montenegro champion
Cyprus champion
German winner
Leipzig winner
BIG°1 on International dog show on Cyprus
BIG°2 on International dog show on Cyprus

Queen Barbie Jednička
Czech champion
Cyprus champion
Slovakian champion
Moldavian champion
Azerbaidan champion

Kristaris Chinook at Jednicka
adds Slovakian Grand champion titul (pending) to his 26 champion tituls BIG°1 on International dog show in Brno
Best male on Club show (Czech republic)

Sweet Face Jednička
Junior Club winner (Czech republic)
Czech junior champion (pending)

Tessie Jednička
BIS baby on Club show (Czech republic)

Queen Egi Jednička
Czech champion

Gwendolyn Vendredi 13
Best female and BOB on Club show (Czech republic)
German Club winner
Czech Grand champion


Siberian husky Lycoria kennel
Siberian husky Vinyamar´s
Siberian husky Kristari´s
Siberian husky Oumiak´s
Siberian husky Vendredi 13
Siberian husky Sadeckie Pieszczochy
Siberian husky Bukharin´s
Siberian husky Hulduheim´s
Siberian husky Siwash Legend

Samoyed kennel Orleansnow
Alaskan malamute Shamanrock
Alaskan malamute Vlci severu
Miniature schnauzer White Wajda
Landseer Alvemia
Cane Corso Peet, our photographer
Teckels, our handlers
Soft coated wheaten terrier, our handler

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